Parrot CK3100 CK3300 CK3500 DIY Flash Upgrade Programming Cable – TTL Pinout

Ondřej Linhart contacted me after reading my post on creating an upgrade cable for the Parrot CK3000. He has a CK3100 and suspected that it would be possible to create a similar cable for the CK3100 as I had done for the CK3000. This is because the official cable advertised says it works on the Parrot CK3000, CK3000 Evolution, CK3100, CK3300 and CK3500. Below is the combined cable. The small connector on the left is for the CK3000 Evolution, the large connector in the middle is for the CK3100. I don’t know about the rest of the Parrot devices as I do not own them.

Official Parrot Combined Upgrade Cable
Official Combined Upgrade Cable for Parrot CK3000 / CK3000 Evo / CK3100 / CK3300 / CK3500

We had a little discussion over email and a few weeks later I am glad to say he has cracked it and figured out the wiring.

The CK3100 has a different type of connector and different pinouts from the CK3000, but you can still use a USB-TTL device to program it. Ondřej bought this USB-TTL adapter, but pretty much any should do, you can find them on eBay too.

Ondřej also sent me the following images to post here showing the pinout for the CK3100 and also a picture of him using the USB-TTL device


Parrot CK3100 TTL Pinout Wiring
CK3100 TTL Pinout

Here is Ondřej using the USB to TTL adapter in his car with a laptop.

Ondřej Linhart programming his Parrot CK3100
Ondřej Linhart programming his Parrot CK3100

Thanks Ondřej for sharing the pinout. If anyone else finds out any pinouts for other Parrot devices please let me know.


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